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We at BreakWater Shades care about the well-being of Mother Nature.  Also, we value looking good and having fun under the sun!  That is why we produce premium eco-friendly wooden sunglasses that make it possible for people to incorporate going green and feeling good into their everyday lives.  Each pair is made from the most eco-friendly woods on earth and reduce plastic pollution.  As a company, we partner with organizations working to keep our oceans, rivers, and lakes clean.  In addition, we look out for our customers, which is why we offer a 1-year return and exchange policy.  Furthermore, our name, BreakWater is a nod to the breakwaters around the world and in our backyard that protect our shorelines.  Upgrade your eyewear today.


Breakwater Shades are For Life. There is no Planet B. Therefore, we are deliberate about utilizing eco-friendly materials. Our "For Life" blog is a way for us to share about what we learn on this earth friendly journey. It will feature articles related to social and environmental sustainability as well as fun under the sun!


When it comes to the quality of the shades, it is most important to maintain high standards. Breakwaters will not only protect your vision, they look and feel good too.