The inspiration behind BreakWater shades goes back many years to when Miguel (the founder) went boogie boarding and body surfing with some friends on a rainy Southern California day.  On his way into the ocean he noticed plastic bottles and bags in the water and along the shoreline.  Regardless, he jumped in the water and went about catching some waves.  However, nothing ruins a good ride like a plastic bag in the face!  He was 11 then and that moment has stayed with him.  Shortly after that memorable day he volunteered for Heal the Bay.  He spent many weekends cleaning up the beach instead of playing video games with his friends.  During that time, he learned about how plastic pollution was killing marine life and negatively impacting our oceans. He was inspired by Heal the Bay’s plans to implement storm drain filters and anti-litter campaigns.  Many years later, Miguel attended and graduated from Humboldt State University – one of the most environmentally friendly college communities in America.  Living in a town of "tree huggers" he learned in greater detail about the negative impacts of single use plastics.  One of the most tangible memories he has about this time is traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and Humboldt County is noticing the stark difference in air quality between the two counties. This is something, if you live in Los Angeles long enough, you become numb to.  When you go to a place like Humboldt and breathe the fresh air for the first time, it becomes clear that pollution is real, even if you don’t notice it.